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Our Story – What is means to be a municipal clerk

The Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association is 1,400 members strong and still growing. The purpose of this Association is to improve the administration of local government and to benefit the City, Town, or Village Clerk, Deputy Clerk or any official having similar duties, by providing them with the skills and the knowledge through which the quality of the services they perform may be improved.

What it means to be a clerk and a member of the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Assocation (WMCA) from WMCA – WI Clerks Association on Vimeo.

Life, Well Run

Thousands of decisions are made every day in cities, towns, and counties that determine our quality of life. A recent Harris Interactive poll found that while a third of citizens polled know that city managers oversee the day-to-day operations of their community, only 5 percent could describe what a manager does or their important role in shaping a community.

Downtown redevelopment plan drafted

Downtown Redevelopment Plan Drafted (Poynette Press; 9//2011)

Excerpt: The initial draft of the plan identified a concept building that would create an 8,400-square-foot space on the first floor for the library and a coffee shop and a 7,200-square-foot space on the second floor to house approximately three or four commercial office tenants. Other improvements would be 25 off-street parking spaces and a “pocket park/walkway” for access to parking and outdoor café seating. The plan would also preserve the Poynette Area Historical Society building and separate commercial and residential uses on the same block.

“We have a ways to go,” Guild said. “We’re laying the foundation and putting the
pieces together.”

$25K awarded for downtown

$25K awarded for downtown (Poynette Press; 8/30/2011)

Excerpt: Douglas Thurlow, underwriter and planner for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), said in the course of a year, the agency approves around 15 proposals. He said while several things stood out with Poynette’s proposal, the
amount of work already done by village officials was most impressive.

“Usually when you see a planning proposal, they’re at the first stage, whereas (Poynette) had already done a lot of the work,” he said. “So the plan here is to move right into the implementation stage, and that’s pretty unusual for a project. You like to see the project has a good chance of working, and this one seems like it’s far enough along it’s going to.
I was really impressed by the quality of work they’ve done so far.”

Thurlow said he was particularly impressed by the work done by Guild on the project, as well as Guild’s personal attention to seeing it through.

“I went up and met with Dan (Guild) in the fall, and I thought he was a very bright guy, seems like he’s very committed to making this project happen,” he said. “That helps when you see somebody who’s going to quarterback the project who seems to have the skills to
make it happen. He’s a go-getter and he had done his research. He had a realistic view of how to put the thing together, and I was impressed with him, and also was impressed by the effort as far as the community. It’s a great idea, as far as adjusting the needs of the community from what was a 19th-century downtown into the 21st century, because everything about that community is in a state of flux.

Kudos to trustees, Guild

Assistant Editor Scott De Laurelle of the Poynette Press shares his opinions on the hiring of Poynette Village Administrator Daniel Guild.

Kudos to trustees, Guild (Poynette Press; 7/27/2010)

Excerpt: Guild’s leadership, energy and ideas have brought a much-needed stabilizing
factor to a group that seemed to be floundering at times without an
administrator. And with some critical, long-term infrastructure and capital
improvement decisions looming – not to mention another tough budget process –
now it’s up to them to continue to keep moving in a positive direction. He is a person with lots of ideas and loves to talk about them, but I’m impressed by how good a listener he is. That’s a positive sign of a good leader. I have lost track of how many people have come up to me – sometimes solicited, sometimes not – and said how impressed they are with
Guild, and how he’s personally helped them, and how glad they are he’s on the
job. I’ve had many tell me they hope he sticks around for a while.