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Appleton ranks high in “Well-Being” survey

Appleton is one of the best cities in the nation when it comes to overall well-being. That’s according to the annual Gallup-Healthways “Well-Being Index.” Appleton is ranked the second best among the nation’s small cities, and the 10th best overall.

Wisconsin’s well-being is a little above average. The Badger State ranks 22nd. Gallup calls a-thousand Americans a day to ask about their well-being – things like their emotional health, work environment, and eating and exercise habits. They’re also asked how they’re doing financially – and how well they’re getting essentials like food, shelter, and medicine.

Only Charlottesville Virginia rates above Appleton as the small city with the best well-being. Lancaster Pennsylvania was first among all communities. The Twin Cities metro, including far western Wisconsin, is ranked 18th. Madison is 26th, and Green Bay is next in 90th. The Twin Cities is the fourth best among big-city metros.

Hawaii has the best overall well-being as a state. West Virginia ranks last.

State has Team W, Team U and Team D; I’m on Team J

After reading Ken Harwood’s (He is the Executive Director of Lafayette Development Corp and edits and publishes recent article entitled, “Right now, state has Team W, Team U and Team D; I’m on Team J“, I can say without hesitation that I am with Ken and also on Team J!

Wisconsin State Journal: It’s time to stop demonizing public workers

Public Worker Image? – “Is there something wrong with a police officer or a firefighter who regularly has put himself or herself in harm’s way expecting a decent paycheck for that work? Should the teacher who has spent years in college and now works to make something of our kids not receive a fair wage and benefits? Or the crews that get called out on subzero days to fix a water main break? Or the social workers who are called to dangerous places to try to fix our society’s problems? The bottom line is that the private sector needs the public one and vice versa. While there are those who revel in creating schisms between the two for their own selfish ambitions, we’re all in these trying times together. Sure, there are slackers who get jobs in government just as there are slackers in virtually every plant and office in America. But, like most of the workers who toil for private companies, public workers are conscientious and caring, and they don’t deserve to be demonized.” SOURCE – Wisconsin State Journal; 2/8/2012.