Village exploring parks renovation

Assistant Editor Scott De Laurelle of the DeForest Times-Tribune reports on Poynette Village Administrator Daniel Guild’s work with the Poynette Park and Recreation Commission on their first Parks and Open Space Plan.

Village exploring parks renovation (DeForest Times-Tribune; 2/2/2010)

Excerpt: For Guild, it’s all about creating the kind of village people want to move to and stay in. “We’re not going to be Madison, we’re not going to be Portage – we’re a bedroom community, and let’s try to be the best bedroom community we can be,” he said. “You want to have good homes, good schools, some kind of a commercial service sector to provide for some shopping needs, and you want to have amenities for families – parks and recreation, good daycare facilities, opportunities for your children. This ties into that strategy.” “We’re making an investment in not only the community but people’s homes and families, and that’s a good thing,” he said.

Excerpt: Trustee Chris Polzer, a member of the parks commission, credited Guild for planning ahead on a “well-thought-out” proposal, but said trustees need to make sure village residents want and can afford the proposed improvements. Trustee Doug Avery, said the village has “key people in place” to make a large parks project successful. He said he understands people are “hurting because of the economy,” but that the village needs to plan for the future. “This is when you should be setting things up, not only planning, but getting the finances in place to do something, and also put a (financial) cushion back where it should be,” he said. “We’ve got a gentleman (Guild) who’s very strong in economic development, we’ve got some new board members who are progressive.

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